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Health Crisis = Financial Crisis

Social Security Disability claims usually take several years from Application to approval.

You have tough choices to make and my ideas below may be of help.

Most people finally apply for Social Security disability or SSI only after months or years of living with serious medical problems. Sometimes their doctor advises them to apply. Often the county caseworker recommends it. Sometimes their mental health therapist thinks it is a good idea. These same people may have sent you to my office for help. Please call (507) 674-3434 or email us at We will happily give you advice on filing an application. You do not have to hire my office to get advice from us.

Even with medical insurance, many of you are making tough choices between paying co-pays for a doctor visit or for prescriptions or buying food and paying rent. To win a Social Security disability claim, you absolutely need objective medical evidence. This includes physical exams, lab work, MRIs, and x-rays. Social Security is not allowed to grant you benefits based on your word alone. If you are not being treated by medical providers and following their advice, you will lose your claim.

Once you can no longer work full time, your household income is usually too small to pay all of your bills. If you have a spouse or partner, this means they often have to get a second job to keep a roof over your head. If you are alone, turn to your local county human resources office now. You need to know what options you have now.

Find out from the Social Security Administration (SSA) what your estimated disability benefits would be if you win. If your estimated benefits are $1200 per month, for example, and your mortgage payments are $950 per month, you know you cannot afford to keep living in your present home long term. You may have to sell your home and apply for subsidized housing. You may have to search for a person willing to share your home and pay rent. Another consideration is you may not be physically capable long-term of maintaining your home inside and out. You know you will not have the money to hire someone to do this work for you either. These are harsh realities. It is still better to think about them now and plan for them before your life falls apart financially even further.

You are living this stressful reality. If you have savings or 401K or IRA accounts, you are burning through them and maybe taking a tax hit at the same time.

Contact us for ideas or resources so you do not end up homeless. Try possible resources HERE.