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We are Motivated to Win For You

I became a lawyer to fight for people treated unfairly.

Social Security Disability is your insurance you paid premiums on out of every paycheck. You have a right to your disability benefits when your medical problems keep you from working. You deserve to have your disability claim paid promptly. Unfortunately, the system appears to be stacked against you.

Part of this is due to how large the Social Security Administration is. Part of this is due to the local SSA offices and the hearing offices (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review is called ODAR) being understaffed.

Social Security sets the rules on how lawyers get paid. We only get paid if we win your claim. This alone is a strong incentive for us to work hard on your claim. We will tell you if your evidence is weak and how to make it stronger. We will ask your treating doctors to write opinions to help your claim.

We operate under the rule, if it is important to you, it is important to us. We will only take your case if we are convinced you are willing to work with us as a team to win. Your role in making your case stronger includes:

  1. Getting regular treatment from a primary doctor.
  2. Taking medication as prescribed. If you have unwelcome side effects, we expect you to tell your doctor and get the dosage changed or get a different medication prescribed. We do not want you to just stop taking your medicine.
  3. If your doctor sends you to physical therapy, go to all the sessions and do your best.
  4. If your doctor wants you see a specialist, go.
  5. If your doctor recommends stopping smoking because you already have diminished lung capacity or because it is required before surgery, ask for help to get this done.
  6. If your doctor recommends losing weight because of Type II diabetes or because of back or knee pain, ask to be referred to a nutritionist and work at slowly doing this in a healthy way.
  7. Do not be misusing alcohol or other drugs. SSA has a right to deny your claim if they find use of alcohol or other drugs is a contributing factor to why you cannot work full time. For many of you, mixing these with your prescribed medications is both dangerous and counterproductive. For example, a medical expert at your hearing will testify that unless you have been clean and sober for at least six months, no medical professional can tell whether or not your prescription medications are working as they should on either your mental or physical health issues.

I have over 30 years of experience successfully fighting for your disability benefits. Hire me.